Premium Juniper 300

Premium Juniper 300

Juniper Portion Snus - Quality snus as big-pack.

Portion Snus with a long and natural flavour.

Juniper = Enbär in Swedish. Flavoured with clean, natural juniper oil, with a light touch of bergamotte for a complementing nuance of fresh citrus, and a careful hint of smokiness to add yet another dimension to both the taste and the aromas. Swedsnus Juniper Portion Snus is very popular among customers previously using the classic Rapé snus by Swedish Match, but wanting a bolder expression of taste and a longer experience of the flavour. Our snus is craftfully made of premium quality tobacco, free from any unnecessary additions and traditionally mixed in small batches.

Our practical big-pack contains approx. 300 portions ready to use, corresponding to 15 cans with 20 portions in each bag.

No can included!

Product Description
Ingredients Tobacco (nicotine 11 mg/g), Water, Salt, Acidity regulator, Natural flavours.
Snus Net weight 195 grams, 300 Snus pouches, Nicotine 11.0 mg/g, Moisture 35% (Semi Dry)

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Product Description
Flavor Flavoured with clean, natural juniper oil, with a light touch of bergamot.
Nicotine 11.0 mg/g
Strength Swedsnus Juniper Snus strength 2 out of 5
Portions 300 portions (pouches)
Cans Equal to 15 cans
Snus White Portion
Moisture content Moisture 35% (Semi Dry)
Portion Size Normal 18mm x 33mm
Net Weight 195 gram
Manufacturer Swedsnus
  • Brand: Swedsnus
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