Dev-Pack v.1

SOLD OUT Dev-Pack v.1

Dev-Pack v.1

Dev Lab is Swedsnus Lab for new snus products.

We want you to help us develop great, new snus products! In the Dev-Pack v.1 we have made the following snus available for testing:

1. Energy (20 portion). Snus with high nicotine content and a sweet Energy Drink flavour.

2. Wintergreen (20 portion). Snus with normal nicotine content and a fresh Wintergreen flavour.

3. Sweet Mint (20 portion). Snus with high nicotine content and a fresh Sweet Mint flavour.

One Dev-Pack v.1 per customer!

Each version of the Dev-Packs can only be purchased once per customer. 

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Product Description
Pack 1 Energy
Pack 2 Wintergreen
Pack 3 Sweet Mint
Portions 20 x 3 = 60 portions
Cans Equal to 3 cans
Snus White Portion
Moisture content Semi Dry
Portion Size Normal 18mm x 33mm
Net Weight 14 g x 3 = 42g
Manufacturer Swedsnus
  • Brand: Swedsnus
  • Product Code: DEV01
  • Availability: SOLD OUT
  • 0.99 USD
  • Ex Tax: 0.99 USD
Max 1 pcs per customer!