Notch 500 Super Dry

Notch 500 Super Dry

Notch Super Dry 500 Portions

Only  add clean water and flavour.

Swedsnus Super Dry - Notch contains approx. 500 Dry standard portions with genuine Swedish pasteurized snus. Notch portions are made of a strong and robust tobacco blend of the highest Premium quality.
You can use the rehydrated portions as they are for a natural tobacco taste or flavour them with some of our many great flavours.
Feel free to check out our specially adapted Super Dry Snus flavours for your own flavouring choice.

Mix approx. 1.1 - 1.4 dl of clean water with flavour and pour the liquid mix directly into the bag. Turn and flip the bag properly to distribute the liquid over all portions evenly and then store it in the fridge for about four days. Flip the bag time to time. If you are not sure how moist you want your portions to be, start with a smaller amount of water, you can always add more afterwards.

Super Dry Notch instructions

Rehydrated/moist portions should always be refrigerated!

Dry/unhydrated portions have a very long shelf life of +3 years. Rehydrated/moist refrigerated portion have a shelf life of approx. 5 months.

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Product Description
Flavor Strong and robust tobacco blend
Nicotine 26 mg/g or 6 mg/portion
Strength Swedsnus Extra Strong Snus 3 out of 5
Portions 500 portions (pouches)
Cans Equal to 25 cans
Snus DIY Portion
Moisture content Moisture 5% (Dry)
Portion Size Normal 18mm x 30mm
Portion Weight 0,23 gram (Dry) or 0,50 gram (Rehydrated)
Net Weight 113 gram
Manufacturer Swedsnus
  • Brand: Swedsnus
  • Product Code: 550
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 24.95 USD
  • Ex Tax: 24.95 USD